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Welcoming 2021 With The Lessons We Learned In 2020

Today is day 5 of the New Year! I hope you all are having a steady and energetic start to 2021.

I spent this weekend reminiscing about 2020. Though it was one of the most challenging years, there were a number of rewarding moments. Lessons we collectively learned and the pain we collectively endured, all in this one year brought us closer.

After reading my blog post, reminisce on your own moments the good, the bad, and ugly, and be thankful for all of it. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that those who are closest to us, matter the most. I’m also terribly sorry for those who lost their loved ones this year.

Despite the pandemic – we had quite a few memorable moments…

Some Shared In Pain And Emotional Trauma

The horrific incident of George Floyd’s murder followed by the Black Lives Movement was perhaps a calling for all of us. Every life matters. And every voice matters. We must further magnify social causes this year to make sure no more people lose their lives just because they’re a part of the minority. Here’s what I was doing this year:

  • We stood against hate in Bayridge when a white supremacist group tried to recruit in Bayridge.
  • Joined Gloria Steinem and other activists for Press Conference demanding the NYPD expand the rape victims budget and oversight to ensure women’s safety and empowerment.

Some Moments Were Shared In Pride And Humility

Yes, there were moments when I saw my fellow brother and sisters making it big despite an economic recession. I’m glad to be a part of the community I share.

  • I was the speaker at Mayor’s Interfaith Breakfast on unity against hate. We celebrated Yemeni Day Parade in the new norm ❤️
  • Launched  Emgage Action NY Metro on a Virtual event with @aoc and 17 other elected officials. Received 57K views On Facebook. It a must watch video!
  • Spoke at the #BlackLivesMatter rally in Times Square where thousands attended.
  • Celebrated Eid Ul Fitr virtually with DNC Chair and Dr. Jill Biden
  • Honored to be among featured speakers at Believers for Biden National Call to Action with faith leaders and Dr. Jill Biden. I was also the Frank 2020 conference speaker
  • Featured speaker at Princeton University on Deconstructing and Resisting #Islamophobia.

Other Memorable Moments

  • Speaker on Ban-Demic Panel Discussion
  • Speaker at the AANM on Creating a Culture of Change: A Series of Conversations on Race and Community Building
  • Event at Islamic Society of Chester County
  • Featured speaker at Women Take The Stage, empowering women to vote!
  • Distributed PPE and food distribution in Brooklyn and the Bronx with #YAMA.

Twenty-Twenty was about kindness, compassion, and aid! Within all of this work, made new friends, partnerships, and centered the voices of directly impacted communities. I urge all of you to make it bigger and better this year. We’re prepared, we’re together and that’s all that matters.

Let me know inside the comments all of your wins and lessons learnt from the year 2020.

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