Debbie Almontaser


Internationally recognized, award-winning educator, speaker and authority on cross cultural understanding.

Dr. Almontaser was the founding and former principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn, NY. A twenty-five year veteran of the NYC Public School System, she taught special education, inclusion, trained teachers in literacy, and served as a multicultural specialist and diversity advisor. Currently,

Leading While Muslim

The Experiences of American Muslim Principals after 9/11

There has been a sizable amount of research on how 9/11 has had an impact on public school communities, including students, teachers, and parents of Muslim identity. There is however a lack of study on Muslim principals of public schools. This book examines the lived experiences of American Muslim principals who serve in public schools post-9/11 to determine whether global events, political discourse, and the media coverage of Islam and Muslims have affected their leadership and spirituality. Such a study is intended to help readers to gain an understanding of the adversities that American Muslim principals have experienced post-9/11 and how to address these adversities, particularly through decisions about

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Humility vs. Vanity

Being a great leader requires authority, confidence, and assertiveness. There have been exceptional Muslim leaders in the past. We’ve had Muslim rulers who lead their

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